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Argentina and Uruguay : Agriculture Tour
All types, sizes, locations, variety of farms for sale.
Argentinean and Uruguayan farms are known and distinguished all around the world for their high quality for cattle and crops and by their natural beauties for leisure. Nowadays a lot of investor from The U.S.A and Europe are interested in buying these farms,which have become efficient to survive a very competitive business
We are in contact with the most important farms’ owners therefore we are able to assist the investor to find the best option, providing the best quality of service and market knowledge. You will have opportunities to interact with producers and agriculture suppliers throughout the tour. Learn about the latest technologies and production being used by South American farmers Talk with farmers about fertilizer and herbicide usage, marketing practices, and their plans for the use of new technologies.

Available Travel Options

Farm Tours
Cattle ranches 1,000 ha plus / Intensive cattle operations / Vineyards / Large scale cropping operations soya, wheat, barley / Dairy farm conversion opportunities / Forestry
Argentina and Uruguay / Brief overview of these tours / General Considerations
The farm tour visits over one week, some of the best farming land in Argentina and Uruguay .
1 ) The logistics will be managed by a Buenos Aires based travel wholesaler and idasp.com.ar which will ensure a high quality experience for clients
2 ) Clients will be met at their hotels where will be given a thorough briefing on the areas to be inspected
3 ) There is a charge per day covering vehicle and consultant costs.(detailed in the estimate)
4 ) Accommodation will be per the clients account. Bear in mind the distances are vast and time should be allowed to recover from jet lag before undertaking a tour
5 ) Accommodation demand is extreme in the small towns during the summer so planning ahead is essential.( prices vary )
6 ) Because of the long lead times required we take bookings two months in advance at least
7 ) Minimum Consultant fee : U$D 5,000= (U.S American Dollars ) ,max 500 km away from BsAs , max 5 days
max 5 Farms over a minimum investment on property U$D 500,000=
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