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Alex A.Obuchowicz is engaged in CyberSecurity and the basics of statistical thinking techniques,after living in 5 countries-6 cities .This combination allows him
to achieve a better understanding in questions to be applied to find solutions in data breach .

Worked in : Miami(The U.S.A)/Caracas(Venezuela)/Buenos Aires-M.d.Plata(Argentina)/Lima(Peru)/Asuncion(Paraguay)

January 2013 / Computer network / University of Washington / Based on:introductory networking coursefor upper-level computer science and engineering majors / coursera.org

May 2013 / Information Security and Risk Management in Context


February 10, 2015 / UT.7.01x Foundations of Data Analysis / UT Austin TeXas / edx.org Based on:the basics of statistical thinking with statistical tools ,basic statistical techniques
An introductory undergraduate statistics course / statement of accomplishment 78 %. over 100 / APPROVED

January 2014 / Computer Network / University of Washington / coursera.org Based on:introductory networking course for upper-level computer science and engineering majors / statement of accomplishment 88 %. / APPROVED

August 2014 / Building an Information Risk Management Toolkit / University of Washington / coursera.org Based on: Understanding of the various ways in which approaching risk management within an organizational contex / There is not a credential awarded for this course./ APPROVED

August 2014 / Designing and Executing Information Security Strategies / University of Washington / coursera.org Based on:apply information security knowledge.Analysis and problem solving using cases contracted from real world problems in Information Assurance / there is not a credential awarded for this course./ APPROVED

September 2014 / Introduction to Cybersecurity / The National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior College / Washington, DC / canvas.net / statement of accomplishment 90%. / APPROVED

1-Phyton / Rice University / Huston
2-Malicious Software AND ITS Underground Economy University of London
3-Learning How to Learn / Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects
4-A System View of Communications /From Signals to Packets (Part 1)/ Hong Kong (GMT+8)
5-Cryptography / Based on encryption methods that ensure both confidentiality and integrity
6-/University System of Georgia / coursera.org Based on Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things
Works in
1998 -2015 / Miami - The U.S.A / Caracas / Buenos Aires.
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Alex . Obuchowicz